GTP Community Advisory Board


The Grady Trauma Project - Community Advisory Board (GTP-CAB) is a group that meets to strengthen our relationship with the Atlanta community. The GTP team recognizes that the best way to conduct rigorous research, address the needs of our participants, and engage with the broader Atlanta community is to get and use community input in developing/informing research studies and interventions.


The GTP-CAB includes 6 -10 individuals, including previous participants, community activists, health care providers, scholars, and non-profit organizations. All members have a personal investment in understanding factors that contribute to the prevention and development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other stress-related disorders among underserved and underrepresented communities in Atlanta, Georgia.


Our goals include:

1) Identify community priorities, needs, and interests.

2) Provide opportunities for reflection on previous participation in research studies.

3) Provide input and/or resources for GTP’s research activities.

4) Promote community support for involvement with GTP research and interventions and GTP engagement with the community.



Updates regarding current discussion topics and changes implemented from community input will be posted here. 


There are currently five GTP-CAB members who are prior GTP participants from our ongoing studies, in addition to our four community professional members: 

Ms . Janina Daniels

Communication Director

The Center for Black Women's Wellness


Dr. Stacy Schmidt

Internal Medicine

Emory at Grady

Dr. Keith Wood

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Emory at Grady


Mrs. Sybil Miller

Communications Director


Past Meeting Topics