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Current Studies

PTSD Intervention Studies

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Primary Care-based Mindfulness Intervention for Chronically Traumatized Individuals

PI: Abigail Powers Lott, PhD, ABPP

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Building Biobehavioral
Goal-Directed Resilience Training among African American Women (Project GRIT)

PI: Kisha Holden, PhD

Morehouse SOM

Site PI: Abigail Powers Lott, PhD, ABPP

Emory SOM

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Mechanistic Interventions of Neuroscience of Dissociation (MIND) Study

PI: Negar Fani, PhD

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TMS for PTSD study

PI: Sanne Van Rooij, PhD

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EMBODY: Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga to Treat PTSD in Minoritized Women in a Safety Net Hospital

PI: Ursula Kelly, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC, PMHNP-BC and Abigail Powers Lott, PhD, ABPP

Women's Health - Related Studies

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Neuroendocrine risk factors for PTSD in women

PI: Jennifer Stevens, PhD

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Pregnancy and PTSD

PI: Vasiliki Michopoulos, PhD

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Mechanistic links between maternal PTSD and early infant emotional development

PI: Abigail Lott, PhD ABPP

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PI: Vasiliki Michopoulos, PhD &

Jennifer Stevens, PhD

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The Combined Effects Of HIV And Estrogen Insufficiency Induced Pro-inflammatory State On End-organ Health In Women Aging With HIV Infection: A Project Of The Emory Score

PI: Vasiliki Michopoulos, PhD

PTSD Studies

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The AURORA Study

PI: Jennifer Stevens, PhD

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Impact of Trauma Exposure on Critical Periods In Brain Development

PI: Jennifer Stevens, PhD

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Addressing ACEs among Hispanic Caregivers in a Pediatric Primary Care Population to Improve Child Health and Decrease Early Adversity

PI: Abigail Lott, PhD ABPP

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