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ARD Workgroup

Antiracism and Dissemination (ARD) Workgroup

GTP investigators, staff, and students meet monthly through our team’s Antiracism and Dissemination (ARD) Workgroup in an effort to find avenues for the non-academic dissemination of our research findings, find ways to advocate for our participant population, improve the social platforms that we use to broadcast our work, and organize programming that encourages our team to examine ways that our own team can better position ourselves towards institutional antiracism. 

Over the past year, the ARD Workgroup has:

  • Drastically improved the navigability of our team’s website

  • Pitched an op-ed focused on how our team’s 15+ years of research highlight the negative impacts of systemic racism

  • Developed a participant newsletter

  • Organized implicit bias training for GTP team members

  • Coordinated didactic seminars led by underrepresented scientists

  • Hosted a didactic seminar on policy engagement and advocacy

  • Began internal demographics analyses to gauge our own team’s diversity

  • Hosted group discussions on scholarship examining racism in psychiatry

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