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Jobs, Training, and Mentoring


The Grady Trauma Project hires for many positions including research coordinators and post-doctoral fellows.  Available positions will be listed below.  

The Grady Trauma Project also takes pride in participating in graduate training for both clinical and research students at graduate programs in the Atlanta area.  If you are interested in working with GTP as a graduate student, please reach out to the faculty member you are interested in working with. Click here to see GTP members.

Positions Available

Postdoctoral Fellow

Come join our team at Emory University in Atlanta as a postdoc! The Grady Trauma Project (GTP) is looking for a postdoctoral fellow interested in working on a new NIAAA R01 examining sex differences in pathways of comorbidity between PTSD and alcohol use disorder using genetic and ecological momentary assessment technologies. This position is research intensive and will be included within the accredited Emory Postdoctoral Residency in Health Service Psychology program - Postdoctoral Residency Program in Health Service Psychology | Emory School of Medicine. This project is a collaboration between Dr. Ananda Amstadter (VCU) and Dr. Abigail Powers Lott (Emory). As a GTP postdoc, you would have the chance to engage more broadly in our interdisciplinary clinical research program and be a part of the cutting-edge trauma research being done. You can also be a part of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortia for PTSD Workgroup which affords many opportunities for research, training, and networking. Reach out to Dr. Lott for more information.

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