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Mothers and Babies Pilot Study

Principal Investigators:
Abigail Powers Lott, PhD, ABPP
Rebecca Lipschutz, PhD 


Maternal mental health problems during the first year postpartum are associated with significant negative consequences for both mothers and infants. There is great need for behavioral health interventions that can address the increased risk for posttraumatic stress (PTS) and depression among low-resourced minoritized women, however limited accessibility and significant barriers to treatment engagement and success remain. Existing interventions for high-risk postpartum women are effective in improving maternal depression outcomes, however the feasibility and acceptability of such interventions in trauma-exposed women are not well-established.

What is Mothers and Babies?

Mothers & Babies is a free interactive program that shares useful tools and skills to help women manage stress and/or reduce symptoms of depression. It consists of six weekly virtual group sessions for ~60-90 minutes.

During this program mothers learn:

  • Stress management and mindfulness skills

  • Helpful information about healthy bonding with infants and early development

  • strategies to improve social activities & support

  • Healthy communication skills and support for adapting to motherhood


What is the goal of this study?

The purpose is to pilot Mothers and Babies intervention for trauma-exposed mothers.  The study will examine the feasibility and acceptability of an 6-session virtual group intervention.


Who are our participants?

Eligible participants will be trauma-exposed women who have given birth in the past year and participated in the GTP MAMABEAR study.

What are we measuring and how? 

Before and after the intervention, the study will collect several types of questionnaires. Before the first group session, you will be asked questions about your mood, PTSD, depression, parenting, and other psychological symptoms. You will also be asked to answer questions about your symptoms after the program and one months after the Mothers and Babies sessions have ended.

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