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Intern Spotlight: Pranjal Bhartia

Updated: Mar 26

Pranjal Bhartia is a freshman at Emory and one of the newest interns at Grady Trauma Project. She decided to be part of GTP so she could contribute to research that improves the lives of people living with PTSD and other related conditions. Apart from conducting research, Pranjal also raises awareness and increases education of mental health disorders through Not Another Depressed Teen, a podcast she has produced with her sister since 2022. Pranjal has interviewed researchers and clinicians who are experts in mental health topics that are particularly relevant for adolescents and emerging adults. In a recent episode, Pranjal interviewed our very own Dr. van Rooij about her research at the Grady Trauma Project and they discussed common PTSD symptoms, treatments, and myths. In her free time, Pranjal enjoys singing, dancing, and playing games with her friends. 

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